How to get white background white and consistent?

photography tips photoshoot inspiration Jan 31, 2022

How do you get your white background so white and consistent? I got asked a lot.

I won’t lie; white is a hard color to shoot. And getting the balance between the white background and the baby looking warm is even harder.

Sometimes when you shoot directly on a white background, that makes your photos look flat and not very interesting, compared with shooting in colors or with props that give you variations.

That’s why I love having depth, shadows & detail in the background.

Angles and lighting are most important when you are shooting against white and need lots of learning and practice.

Here are some samples from different lighting and angles.

I hope you find these inspirational and help you create the timeless white photography style.

1. Frontal light

2. 45 degrees shooting angle toward the light

3. Backlift light

Love & Succeed, ❤️

Shan x

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