How to streamline your wrapping workflow

Feb 23, 2024

Creating beautiful and artistic wrapping-style photos is easier than you think.

I love my wrapping styles that are not only able to showcase the beauty of the newborn baby but also able to settle the baby so well that allows you to create various styles for your clients.

I’m so happy to say that all babies, the parents and I love my wrapping styles!

Here are some tips:

Step 1. Settle the baby in my signature Swaddle Wrap first. I created this wrapping style especially to be able to transition it to my Egg Wrap style with ease.

Step 2. Get parents involved for more beautiful photos and use their hands to support the baby.

Step 3. Transition the swaddle wrap style to the egg wrap style with the support of the parent's hands.

Step 4. Take the photos in the beautiful lighting angle.

I hope you love these tips.

You can use these techniques to create various styles without disturbing the baby, streamlining your workflow, having more joy at your sessions, and saving your precious time.

Love & Succeed, ❤️

Shan x

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