No more struggling during the dark winter days

Dec 10, 2021

I won't lie! The winter months in the UK are challenging for natural light photographers. ☹️

The winter days are short and grey here.

I truly believe the precious moments captured in the most beautiful photos will become the most valuable gift for their family and children

And the last quarter is always one of my busiest times of the year. I used to feel anxious if I didn't have a bright day, and I had to reschedule clients' shoots or use very high ISO at the session.

I have a huge umbrella studio light which is great. But it takes up so much of my small shoot space and as I work from my home, I don't want a huge umbrella studio light sitting in my home.

I have been looking for the perfect studio lighting that is not only able to give me the natural light look but is also small and compact.​

Last year I discovered these round lighting kits which are game-changing for me!​

  1. The Lighting kits are small, light, and compact. After I use them I pack them away and put them under the sofa at my studio.
  2. It comes with chargeable batteries too and it’s great for location shoots.
  3. The Lighting kit is affordable at about GBP £600.

I use them to add extra lighting during dull days. The lighting is small but it’s powerful for a small shoot space. I found it if I pointed it directly toward the baby. It kills the beautiful backlit light that I love.

So I placed extra light behind the curtain and positioned the small light at 45 degrees pointing upward to the ceiling to bounce the light. My ceiling is white and low so it works perfectly and makes my photos look natural.


However, I’m not sure how well it will work for a studio without any natural lighting. If you love my timeless white style, you can make an LED panel light wall as the background light and add these round light kits to add extra light in the front.

I think it will work nicely in this way.

You can find this lighting kit information from my recommended vendors. I’m not their affiliate partner, I’m recommending this lighting system because I think it’s great. If you have any questions regarding purchasing the lighting system please contact their customer service.

I hope you find these tips useful. Please let me know what you think? It will be lovely to hear from you.

In the next post, I will share my studio set-up so that you can grow a successful business with a small budget.

Until then, have a wonderful week.

Love & Success,

Shan x ❤️

P.S. - I have full lighting training inside the Timeless Newborn Photography Foundation course if you would like to learn more.

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Here are some examples of how the photos turn out:



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