Workflow for Maternity Photoshoots with Toddlers

May 24, 2024

Master Your Creation Process to Attract Your Dream Clients

Do you want to learn how to capture the beauty of expectant motherhood along with her naturally playful toddler?

This training inside the Timeless Photography Collective is perfect for you! You'll learn how to engage lively toddlers (we all know it can be a challenge!) and develop a workflow to create memorable photographs that your clients will love.


Workflow for Creating Beautiful Maternity Photos with Toddlers:

  1. Capturing the joyful moments of the toddler with parents.
  2. Capturing the connection between the parents.
  3. Creating beautiful photos of expectant motherhood.
  4. Capturing the personality of the toddler.


I will take you behind the scenes of my creation process to help you build a standout portfolio to attract your dream clients.




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Enjoy your learning!

Shan x


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