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NEW - Happy Father's Day! Jun 17, 2024

We love you so much and couldn’t think of a better...

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NEW - Cake Smash Workflow Jun 12, 2024

Join me for a fun first-birthday cake smash inside the...

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Workflow for Maternity Photoshoots with Toddlers May 24, 2024

Master Your Creation Process to Attract Your Dream...

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How to streamline your wrapping workflow Feb 23, 2024

Creating beautiful and artistic wrapping-style photos is...

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No more struggling during the dark winter days Dec 10, 2021

I won't lie! The winter months in the UK are challenging...

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Timeless Marketing Dec 07, 2021

I believe in Timeless Marketing

Timeless marketing is not...

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Tips for my signature egg-wrapping style Dec 06, 2021

Creating a beautiful artistic egg-wrapping style is...

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Changes are scary! Dec 03, 2021

When I followed my heart and changed to the Timeless...

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Master the Art of Simplicity For A Profitable & Sustainable Newborn & Family Photography Business. 

Free Posing Guide Download


Welcome to my Free Posing Guide, your gateway to mastering newborn photography poses in my signature timeless white style!

Let this guide be your creative compass, guiding you through my favourite poses that will spark your creativity to create a full gallery of beautiful, client-adored photos within a simplistic setup.


Free Swaddle Wrapping Style Training


The priority of creating my wrapping styles was the safety and contentment of the baby I photographed.

I'll guide you step by step through creating the Swaddle Wrap, seamlessly settling the baby, and crafting various styles on the posing beanbag, all while exploring different shooting and lighting angles.


Free Facebook Community


Welcome to our vibrant community of over 10,000 like-minded photographers from around the globe! 

Dive into a space where learning, inspiration, and growth, provide you with a platform to explore and enhance your photographic journey. Within our community, you'll discover invaluable free training and resources, encouraging you to question, share, and immerse yourself in the collective passion and craft of photography.



Hey, I'm SHAN!


I've spent the past decade capturing love and chasing beauty across the globe, and I believe every story like yours is different and special and deserves to be held exceptionally.

Drawing on years of experience in the fashion and editorial photography industry, my photographs are graceful, honest and boldly natural, while completely intentional. Whether it's the opportunity to narrate the retelling of once-in-a-lifetime wedding days, or the ability to communicate issues of global importance, or all the stories in between, I look at photography as the method by which I get to leave the world a little better than I found it.

Over the last 16 years, I have grown a successful photography business from the ground up and established a brand. My company has received many prestigious awards as an enterprise with excellence.

Today my expertise extends beyond the lens. I am also a passionate educator and speaker, dedicated to inspiring and empowering photographers like you to pursue your dreams, master your craft, and build thriving businesses centred around your passions, all while living life to its fullest potential.